Plant Variety's Right
Plant variety rights (PVRs) came into operation in 2011 under the provision of the bylaw on plant variety protection of the act on plant variety protection and seed certification (2003). 

To protect the ownership of a variety, breeders (Legal entities or natural persons), who have the Iranian nationality, can apply for the Plant Breeders' Rights for the variety. It is possible to apply for Plant Breeders' Rights for varieties of some limited genera and species.

A grant of plant variety rights may be made if the variety is:

  • New, meaning not sold in Iran for more than 12 months, and overseas for more than four or six years (depending on the type of plant).
  • Distinct, meaning distinguishable from any other known variety by one or more (morphological or physiological) characteristics.
  • Uniform, meaning that there is little difference between all the plants of a particular generation.
  • Stable, meaning that successive generations retain the characteristics of the original variety.
  • Has an acceptable denomination, and
  • Formalities are met.

If a new variety complies with DUS criteria and has been given an accepted name, the Plant Breeders' Right will be granted. The breeder’s right shall be granted for a fixed period of 18 years for all type of plants.

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